Use the colored Print Quality Card

Each pack of HP Sprocket, HP Sprocket Select or HP Sprocket Plus Paper has a special blue or orange card.

Disable Reveal Content?

Try turning off Reveal content on your sprocket prints. Our scannable prints reveal fun, AR experiences. For this, we overlay information on each print for your phone to "read" when scanned. This feature can change the way your prints look. Experiment turning it on/off to change how you interact with sprocket prints. Tap the Main Menu, then “sprocket”, and “App Settings”. Toggle on or off “Enable Reveal for prints”.


Use the sprocket app editing features to adjust color, brightness, contrast, and other factors in your prints. You can also use the Autofix feature to improve your images with a single tap.


Use genuine HP Sprocket, HP Sprocket Plus, or HP Sprocket Studio Ink & Photo Paper (as appropriate for your printer model).


Sticky-backed photo paper designed for your HP?Sprocket?Select or HP?Sprocket?Plus

HP Sprocket Support

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